Baby Zara… the Little Imp

Bernice’s foal is Zara. She’s a cute little bay filly with a star and very fine little stripe. The stripe is hard to see, but up close it’s awfully cute. Zara is, of course, very cute all over (she’s a baby horse – how could she be anything else?). But she’s kind of got her mama’s brain. Maybe not as bad as her mama (Bernice has a lock on crazy), but definitely a reactive baby.

I’ve been spending a lot of time with Zara, trying to get her to trust people more. Lots of little visits and scratches (foals are very itchy little creatures and can usually be seduced once you get your hands on them). Today I went into the paddock with Zara and Bernice in the hopes of adjusting Zara’s halter. Zara thought I’d come to play tag or chase or something fun like that. So no halter adjusting got done. But I did get some pics with my phone… (Click the thumbnails to see larger pics)

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