Wise Affair Gets a Bath

It’s a lovely warm day today, so Wise Affair had a bath. I imagine it’s her first one in years. There are still a whole lot of lice eggs apparent when you look closely at her coat. But at least there is nothing moving around in there after we treated her a couple of days ago.

She had what looked like years worth of greasy grime caked in her coat. The first bucket of soapy water lost all its foam almost immediately when we sponged it on. The coat was so dirty is just emulsified instantly. So for the second bucket I added about three times as much soap. She thoroughly enjoyed being scrubbed and hosed down.



Her tail was just disgraceful. She’s had a low-grade infection in her uterus, so there’s been a lot of discharge. Which ends up in her tail and down the inside of her hind legs. That’s what caused the scalding, and is why all the hair is completely gone down the inside of her hind legs. The tail was just awful to get clean, and unfortunately some of the tail hairs pulled out in the process. She really can’t afford to be losing anymore tail hair.


Her coat has all been falling out in patches. It’s so loose that you can pull out chunks just by rubbing your hand over her. She started out looking moth eaten, and ended up looking like a plucked chicken after her bath. Poor girl. It will all grow back, but for the moment she’s not looking too glamorous. She smells better though. And I’m sure she feels better. She’s been putting on weight visibly over the last week. We think it’s probably mostly just re-hydration and her digestive tract now being full of hay (she’s working hard to keep it that way too!)




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  1. I second the above motion.

    I’d also like the SPCA people who said these horses were ok to explain themselves. Exactly which part of her is ok?

  2. I feel the same way about Press she should have been seized the moment she was seen. I had a nutritionist come out to see her and she rated her condition at a 2 out of 10 . 10 being the worst.

  3. I have been watching your posts on this girl. I didn’t quite catch the part about how you ended up with her ( I have to probably go back and find your post) but I am so happy she got rescued. I will bet she feels sooo much better already. Are you able to feeed any beet pulp /grain supplement yet? If so, try getting her on grinded flax for her coat and skin. It will help the coat recover and grow in healthy. Smewhere down the road, I think the transformation will be amazing.. Keep up the good work. I am pulling for you!

    1. Thanks Jonna! I will try to post a more complete history on Weezy sometime in the next few days. My boss is a racehorse trainer and this was one of the horses he bred and trained. She passed into the hands of a partner and from there was given away to a “good home”. A rescue found her, along with two other mares and contacted my boss. That’s how she found her way back home.

  4. How disgusting that a human is responsible for her condition. Good for you Deanna, you are a star, and that is one lucky horse. Magic was like that when we got him, his coat felt like barbed wire and fell out everywhere we touched it, including his mane and tail.

  5. After Penny fostered her, Stop the Press found a wonderful loving owner locally and she is also fat and sassy 🙂 I am keeping track of these three girls 🙂 Linda and Deanna, you two have really done well with her. It is wonderful to see her find a home with the people who bred and raised her 🙂

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