Kitten Report

The little stray kitten is doing pretty well today. But the first few days were a bit rocky. She was exhausted for days after she got here. She was always friendly, but had no energy for playing at all. She’d eat, drink, use the kitten facilities, and go right back to sleep. That went on for five days straight, and I started getting quite worried when I noticed late one night that there was some rattly noises coming from her chest that were not purrs. I decided that if she were not better by morning, I was taking her to the vet. But lo and behold, yesterday morning she woke up bouncing. And she’s been bouncing ever since.

I’ll keep watching her closely, because I suspect she might have had a touch of pneumonia from her polar expedition. But she sure has improved a lot. Today she was tempted by Taz the Cat’s twitching tail. He watched her stalk towards it. Allowed a couple of pounces. But then I think she tried biting down. He (rather gently) swatted her and hissed. It wasn’t much of an effort on his part. But her eyes got huge and she scooted backwards. He’s a big sturdy cat and must be intimidating to her tiny little self. He’s being quite tolerant about her though. An easy-going, good natured cat. The only real problem he’s having with this kitten business is that my lap is supposed to be reserved for him. It puts a bit of a kink in his tail when he notices she’s there again.

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