A Little Envy Can Be Used to My Advantage

The other day, I went outside and noticed that Dressy and King were both fast asleep stretched out by the gate. Dressy actually had her head under the fence into Venice’s paddock (Venice is my little feral rescue mare). I laughed at the sight, then just to be sure… went over to make sure they were not both dead. They were fine of course 🙂

Dressy got up to see me. And I discovered that she was in one of her snuggly moments. She looked sleepy and smug and pleased with the world in general. Venice was watching, so I spent a long time catering to Dressy’s mood. I scratched her chest, kissed her nose, let her rest her head on my shoulder, and told her lies about how I still loved her.

Venice was shocked. And amazed. And wriggling with rampant curiosity. I was just on the other side of the fence, and she kept sneaking up behind me and reaching out to aaaalllllmost touch my back. She didn’t think I could see her out the corner of my eye. She could clearly see that Dressy was enjoying something purely wonderful. She didn’t understand it at all, but she sure did want to know what it was.

Since then, she has shown some incremental improvement in her trust of humans too. Today when I sat down with her feed tub in my lap, she was enthusiastic enough that she touched my hand a couple of times with her upper lip as she was eating. Not on purpose, but she is no longer being excessively cautious about accidentally running into any part of me. And she moves towards me without all the suspicion when I come to sit with her.

I am nowhere near to getting a halter on her. But with my broken elbow, I can’t even get a halter on a broke horse. So there’s no point in rushing things along.

I went into the hospital this morning and they took off the cast and put a removeable splint on it instead. So I finally have a bit of freedom of movement. Kind of. Everything seems to have seized up. The elbow I expected, but my wrist isn’t moving either. It’s going to take some physio to get all that unlocked. But at least I can start doing some exercises anyway.

The bad news is that he says I cannot go back to work for three months. Not three months from the accident… three months from NOW. Damn it. He told me that he specializes in elbows and has never seen a break like mine (not in severity, though he does say it was a very bad break, but in the direction of the fracture and displacement). He seems to be showing it off with some glee to colleagues. Trust me to find a unique way to wreck myself…

And… my laptop died. So I am reduced to using my little netbook. With a teeny tiny keyboard. And a wrist that doesn’t bend.

I know… no whining!!!! I am healing. And I am very grateful for that 🙂

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  1. Nice to have a snuggle with Dressy and have Venice watch – hopefully she learns from that! Good news about your cast, but bad news about another 3 months off!!!! Boo to that! I hope your employer is understanding! Doctors seem to take delight in a unique case – I had something similar with a different medical problem. I was trotted around to students and other specialists for discussions. I had to put a stop to it because it got really annoying!

    I hope your laptop can be salvaged or some nice person gets you another one! You’ll need something to do to kill time!

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