A Pretty Good Day

Venice seems to be getting a little braver. She’s been eating from a tub at my feet or in my lap for quite a while. But she is so cautious that she snatches a bite then backs up to chew before darting in for another bite. Today she seemed a little calmer about it, and didn’t really back up. Just stood and ate.

She’s gaining weight steadily. And in fact, I think it won’t be long before I have to cut back her feed…


The latest on my broken elbow is that I went in to get the half-cast off today. They put a full fiberglass cast on to replace it. The angle that they’ve put my hand at is a little better for typing this time. So I might actually be able to do a few things on the computer now.

The surgeon was very pleased when he looked at today’s pictures. Said it was healing well. He also said I could stop taking the anti-inflammatories that were messing up my stomach so much.

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