Coronoid Fracture

I went into the fracture clinic today to have more x-rays taken. The doctor there gave me some more details about what was going on with my elbow. He tells me that it’s a “coronoid fracture”. Which basically means that a little chunk of the joint broke off. He thinks I hyperextended the elbow during the spook and that’s what caused it. That makes sense to me, because I felt something pop in the elbow, and suddenly had no strength in the arm or hand. She was spooking to the right, and it was my left elbow. So when I abruptly let go of that rein, I toppled.

They removed the half cast (oh blessed relief!!!) and gave me a sling instead. After x-rays, they sent me for a CT scan. I have to go back again on Tuesday to see the doctor who specializes in elbow surgeries. They are not sure if I will need that or not. Hoping not!

Today’s doctor gave me very strict instructions not to use the arm to do anything (I hope he didn’t actually mean typing…). Especially not getting on a horse. At all. I promised solemnly and he glared at me. “You riders all LIE!” Made me laugh, because I know it’s true. He did however, get very serious and tell me that he sees some really bad injuries from riding. And when I mentioned Misha’s injury, he told me that he was the doctor who treated her and that was one of the bad ones.

In the meantime, I’ve been sitting quietly in Venice’s paddock most days. She is very interested in me. When I walk around the paddock, she follows. She is now coming up to touch me nearly every time I go out. It’s just a fleeting little brush with her nose. And it’s easy to drive her away with a noise or sudden movement. But she’s just a little braver each day.

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