Tempting Venice

Today, King spent about an hour in Venice’s paddock. First I let him chat with her for a few minutes.

After they exchanged some equine greetings, I brought some treats in and started clicker training King. We practiced all his old stand-by behaviours. Putting his head down on cue, lifting whatever foot I pointed at, targeting my hand with his ear, kisses (be gentle please!), free leading, lateral movements, etc. I didn’t bother teaching him any new things. Just went through his best stuff. He was, of course, thrilled at the whole idea, and performed with great glee and quite a few accompanying throaty nickers.

Venice watched with obvious amazement. She tried a couple of times to get close enough to look at what I was rewarding King with. But King was rather territorial about his cookies and managed to politely interject his entire body between Venice and the treats. When we practiced free leading, Venice trailed around right behind us, trying to figure out how to join in to this game without actually touching the human. She never took her eyes off us for the whole training session.

After a short clicker session, I moved out of the way and sat in a chair to watch the two of them and take a few pictures. King ate hay and flirted with the little mare. Venice ate hay and puzzled over the human.

Venice likes to stare at me when I sit in her paddock. We spend a lot of time gazing into each other’s eyes…
Her neck is pretty scrawny, but she is very underweight right now. It should fill out a lot with regular groceries.
Mouth stuffed full… as usual.

King is as handsome as ever. But snow white all over. Every single dapple is gone.

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