Sure Are a Lot of Accidents Going On…

Yesterday, shortly after getting home from the emergency room with my new (and very itchy!) cast, I had a phone call from Misha. She had just arrived in that very same emergency room. In fact, she was probably going in one door just as I was going out the other door.

Her injury however is considerably more serious than mine. She has a compound fracture of both bones of her lower leg. She was, like me, spooked off her horse. But apparently being a bit more acrobatic than I am, she actually landed on her feet (as opposed to face and elbow…). She just landed too hard on one of those feet.

I am just back from visiting her in the hospital. She is looking a little ragged around the edges, but coping. She had surgery last night to pin her back together. They may let her go home on Sunday, but will probably be stuck at home for at least another week. And will be in a cast for six weeks more.

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