Ungrateful Mare

You know… after all the money and care I lavished on Dressy this past year, you would think she would at least refrain from actually harming me. But she has injured me more in the last three months than in all the previous five years I’ve ridden her.

Yesterday, she spooked at something unknown. Perhaps a leaf rustling? Really, I have no idea what it was. She leapt sideways and backwards towards poor Ares, who understandably also spooked. I managed to stop Dressy. But Ares unseated Ana (one of those fairly slow, controlled falls… so Ana was unhurt) and started to trot away. Dressy spun hard right to bolt after him and because I was already slightly out of position, and my left elbow was still sore and weak from our last escapade, I came off hard on the left elbow again. I felt something pop and figured it was sprained again.

Ana got back up on Ares once we caught up to them back at the barn (Jen put them in stalls and drove back to pick us up). And he was a very good boy for her. But I was hurting too much so quit for the day. And decided that I have had enough. Dressy is retired. I won’t be riding her on trails anymore. I had already decided to pull her out of competition because of her anhidrosis. But she is just way too unpredictably spooky to be safe. And I am too old to ride through that sort of thing constantly. She is generally okay if she is behind another horse, but I cannot ride behind horses all the time. I thought for a long time that she would improve with experience and exposure (as King did). But no.

After a very bad, sleepless night, I went to the doctor today. He sent me for x-rays and then to emergency. Sure enough… she broke my elbow. I am in a half cast until the swelling goes down. Then to the fracture clinic next week for more x-rays and likely a regular cast.

So my riding season is finished. I guess that it will give me plenty of time to work with Venice. Who frankly, despite never being handled in her life ALREADY looks far more reliable and steady-minded than Dressy.

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  1. Oh no!! So sorry to hear that you broke your elbow! 🙁 I hope you aren’t in too much pain. I broke a wrist a few years ago and it was tough for the first few weeks, but I’m guessing and elbow would be way worse!

    1. It is much better now, thanks 🙂 The cast really helped. It hurt a LOT that first night before I got a clue and actually went in to have it checked out. But once it was stabilized, I felt much better!

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