King Is In Love

King is totally, head-over-heels, in love with Venice. Really, it’s embarrassing. He hangs around at the fence staring longingly at her. Nickering seductively. Showing off his airy Arab trot. Nuzzling her face and nibbling her neck over the fence. He’s a gelding. But seems to have forgotten that. He stayed next to her fence all night, and most of today too.

Venice is not helping at all. She is captivated by his antics. And appears to be in season. This is not a mild platonic friendship. It gives me hope that she may not be in foal anyway… despite the belly.

I had to turn the electric fence on to keep King on his assigned side of the fence. Normally I quarantine new horses in the round pen well away from the other horses for a week or so. But because she’s not halter broke and thus there is no real way to move her around, I had to put her in the paddock she’d be staying in long-term. Which is right next to the main pasture.

Other than the romantic antics, she has settled in very quickly and easily. She’s eating with enthusiasm, and is very interested in everything that goes on. She seems to have stopped dripping milk, and her udder looks slightly smaller today. Ann tells me that her filly took the separation very well too.

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