And Here She Is!

This morning, Ann put a bit of Atravet (mild sedative) in Venice’s breakfast, separated her from her six month old filly, and shooed her towards their stock trailer. She’s not halter broke, so handling options are pretty much non-existent. They barely had time to ask and she had popped right on. It took them rather by surprise, since they’d been worrying about how difficult this might be all week. Ann’s husband drove off to a local coffee shop, while Ann stayed for a while with the filly to make sure all was well. The filly went back to playing with her friend within a few minutes and Ann was able to leave her daughter in charge and head down the road to meet up with her husband to deliver the mare.

Apparently she rode quietly, just looking at everything. No fussing at all. The trip was fairly long. Nearly five hours I think. When she got here, they backed the trailer up to the paddock gate. We blocked both sides and just let her come out on her own. After a few minutes, she walked to the back of the trailer, looked around, and calmly stepped down and walked into her paddock. She looked around, circled the paddock at a walk, had a nibble of grass, whinnied at the other horses once or twice and eventually set about eating hay. This little mare is no drama queen, that’s for sure!

Eventually, I let King and Twister out of the jail paddock (but left Dressy and Ares locked in) and into the paddock next to her. They are both quite amiable with new horses. And both of them like mares. Venice showed quite a marked preference for King. Twister was interested in befriending her, but she sort of nipped his nose and went back to nuzzling King. Her mama is a grey too, so perhaps she just likes his colour.

Meeting King

She could use a few groceries, though she did get a good start on weight gain at Ann’s place (she’s only been there for three weeks). It’s going to take some work to get her to even allow me to touch her, much less get a halter on her. And obviously, given that she’s never been touched, she’s never had her feet trimmed, never had shots, never had her teeth looked at, and until Ann fed her some wormer last week, never been wormed. Oh yeah… and although she’s not “supposed” to be in foal… that belly looks a bit suspicious. So she’s going to be quite a project!

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