Chrystal and Grace Won the Fifty

Saturday at Coates Creek was only Grace’s second 50. But she was a horse on a mission. Despite her rider’s chronic lateness. They went out after the others at the start. And after all the holds too… except the last one, when Chrystal’s husband took it upon himself to hustle them along.

At one point, Chrystal asked her husband in some puzzlement where the other horses were. She had passed one horse on that loop and couldn’t figure out why she hadn’t seen anyone else at all. “Umm… well that’s because you’re in first place” he told her with some amusement.

Grace is tiny. 14.2hh and very lightly built. But she sure can move. She just went out and trotted all day. No walking. But that is a trot to contend with 🙂 They won, and they won Best Condition too.

There was also a 75 miler on Saturday, which Bob and Vagas won. Emma and Zillary came in second. Emma is a very tough girl. She broke her thumb in a fall, and finished the ride before getting it set. There were only two entries unfortunately. The turnout was not terrific at this ride.

On Sunday, Bob won on his exceptional horse, Galaxy. Michelle and Klein were second. Bob won Best Condition, and Michelle won High Vet Score. Which left Michelle with a very big glowing smile.

In the set speed, the big winner on Saturday was Jolanda and her Spotted Saddlebred, Ace’s Night Hawk. On Sunday it was Cathy, who rode Ruth’s horse Raffles (Ruth brought Sport out of retirement for the day). Solstice rode her new horse Desi on Sunday in the 15 mile set speed and had a final pulse of… 29. Cute kid. I told her to go join another club 😉

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