Diego In the Dog Pond

Yesterday, I loaded Dressy up in the trailer, then went down the road to pick up Misha’s horse, Diego. He used to live here, but is just about two miles down the road now. So when he got on the trailer and discovered his old boss mare, he was very pleased. Or at least not quite so traumatized as usual about trailer loading.

We took them over to the Vivian Forest for a long, slow, quiet ride. Diego’s little brain kind of imploded over the last year, and Misha has been having some troubles with him. So she’s had to go back to basics and do some of the basic training work that was glossed over. She hasn’t been trail riding him much over the last few months. She’s taken him to a training clinic, and worked with some different trainers. They’ve made a lot of progress.

This was his first longer outing in a quite a while. We went quite slowly, mostly walking, and a bit of trotting. Diego was very happy to be out with his bossy friend, Dressy.

When we got to the pond in the middle of the forest, there were, as usual, many dogs milling around and chasing balls and sticks into the water. Dressy watches those dogs warily. But they are not, in any way, a deterrent to her primary goal. Which is to get as far INTO that pond as possible. We usually go around in circles in the pond arguing about just how far she’s allowed to wade in. When we reach an agreement about the optimal depth (shallow enough the my boots can be kept above water) she begins to splash with a front foot. Drenching herself, usually me too. Then she switches to the other foot and does the same thing. It gets her nice and cool on hot days. Me too. And any bystanders…

Splish Splash….

Diego was so happy to be out with her, that he finally, after several years of not even wanting his toes in the water, waded in after her. He observed the splashing game for a while, then cautiously tried it himself. Yep, that felt good. Misha was very excited at how brave he was.

Hmmmmm….. I think I could do that too Dressy….
Didja see me????
Outta my way, you insignificant little Ayrab peasant. THIS is how you splash!

It was a beautiful summer day, not outrageously hot, and the trails were lovely as usual. We did around 10.5 miles and were out for around three hours. The horses were very relaxed and happy. Dressy pretty much ate her way through the foliage as we ambled. Diego did not buck, spin, gallop off, or rear. Or otherwise terrorize his rider. His rider went home very very happy 🙂

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  1. Sounds like a nice day! There is something very fun about splashing in a pond with your horse… 🙂 Great news that your friend had a great ride on Diego!

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