Reno and Al

I took a few photos of the yearling boys this morning. Reno was the orphan foal from last year. And his best buddy is Albert (the tall chestnut). They are both just over a year old. They are at that big, rude, rough-and-tumble stage when we are all thinking longingly of surgical cures for attitude problems 🙂

Reno, making faces
Albert, with a few scrapes as usual.
Practicing for their future. Assuming Ontario horse racing has a future…

Ginger Breeze Won Yesterday at Fort Erie

So our little Ginger won yesterday. She was terrific! I hope this link to the video works…

She smoked the field coming off the final turn and very decidedly trounced them. Even the announcer sounded impressed at her finishing kick 🙂

It was lovely to see her do so well. She’s an honest, hardworking little race horse who loves her job. She’s just never been, well, sadly… fast. She sure looked good yesterday though! And the word from Harri (her groom) was that she came out of it bouncing and full of glee.

If you can’t see the video, here’s the description of the race from the official results
“GINGER BREEZE tracked the leader while inside of rival, bid from there while still inside and took command in early stretch, then went clear as much the best.”