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So, to my surprise, I’ve already had a couple of people email me with suggestions for horses or even offering horses. It didn’t even occur to me when I posted yesterday that I was shopping that this could happen. But now that it has… I thought perhaps I’d go into some detail about what sort of horse I’m actually looking for in case there’s one standing around in someone’s pasture looking forlorn 🙂

If you look at pictures of Dressy and of King, it will probably be apparent rather quickly that I like bigger horses with good solid bone, correct legs, big feet, a nice shoulder, strong back/loin and some natural roundness. If I could critique anything about King’s conformation, it would be his hind end, which has rather straight angles, and since his issues have ended up being in his hind end… I’d like to avoid that issue this time.

King is 15.2hh, Dressy is 16hh. While I am perfectly aware that a 14.1hh Arab is a very capable weight carrier, I’m just not comfortable going long distances on a horse that small. I’m a middleweight rider, and on the upper end of that range to boot. Even on Dressy (who is not overly deep through the girth) I find my lower leg is hanging down a bit lower than I like and have to shorten my stirrups an inch or two shorter than I do with King. So I think my cutoff is about 14.3hh and up, and solidly built.

I prefer mares, but like geldings too, so a nice enough gelding would tempt me. Age needs to be somewhere between 4 and 11. If I could pick a pedigree… King’s got exactly what I like (really King would be perfect. Sigh.). He’s Polish and Crabbet (by a son of Azraff out of a Polish/Crabbet mare). I like Polish, Crabbet, and Russian bloodlines. I do not like Egyptians (sorry, I’m sure I’m offending someone with that!) unless they are also Crabbet or CMK. And I don’t want to look at halter bloodlines.

Broke to ride is pretty important. But I’m okay with green broke as long as they are sensible. I could do without serious spookiness. But I don’t mind forward. And I like very smart horses with lots of personality. Which is why I like Arabs of course 🙂

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  1. You would find Dolly too small probably – she is about 14.2 and decently built. She can carry a taller rider ok, but you’d be happier with a bigger horse, I’m sure. She is also mostly Egyptian on her dam’s side, I think… lol I don’t know much about arab bloodlines though…

    I’m sure you’ll be able to find something without much trouble. I wish I had the personality to ride arabs – they are so well suited for endurance. *sigh* lol

    1. I have no doubt Dolly could carry me. My first horse was a 14.2hh Quarab. Probably the best horse I ever owned. She should have been an endurance horse, but there weren’t a lot of endurance rides around back in that era. Arabs are not all difficult btw. My friend’s daughter had a sweetheart of an Arab that anyone could ride. He was quite capable of endurance. But his heart wasn’t in it… he just didn’t really see the point in trotting (or worse, cantering!) all day when there was grass to eat and naps to take LOL!

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