Back At the Farm

Over the last few months, I’ve had a co-op student helping out at work. Today was her last official day. She’s been working with William and Monster, longeing them every day to get them ready to go down to the track. They are both three year olds. She’s done a very good job with them, and has been a lot of help to have around. I will miss having all the help, that’s for sure!

Anastasia and William

She’s come a long way in her handling skills, and loves the horses. So I’ve asked her to come and help get Ares going. She can’t afford her own horse, but this should give her a chance to work with one horse and really learn about ground training, and some riding basics too.

The children are home again!

The mares and foals arrived home this week. Diva is, as ever, the most perfect foal ever born. Friendly, serene, and in total command of herself and the affections of everyone around her. Max, Loula’s foal, is much more confident and friendly now. He was a little bit shy as a newborn. Max is too short a name, and the boss knew perfectly well that I was going to have to amplify it somehow (as Al became Albert). He gave me strict instructions that Max could be Maximillion, not Maxwell. The reasons for that should be obvious, given that is destined to be a racehorse. But you know… he really IS a Maxwell. So tough luck for the boss 🙂

There was a welcome home party
Dora was very pleased to be back on home turf. And mud…

I always seem to have lots of photos of Reno and Albert (last year’s foals), but hardly ever of Esmerelda. It’s not because I don’t like her. It’s just that she’s turned out in the back, and I don’t usually have a camera handy when I’m back there. She’s looking really good. A nice big, smooth-bodied, classy looking filly. And VERY smart. Much smarter than those goofy boys.

Esmerelda, trying to get a closer look at that clicky thing… while I back away madly trying to keep her from filling the viewscreen completely.
Like this…

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  1. I’m hoping to be able to pass on these kinds of learning opps to eager, hard-working kids in the future. It’s heartwarming to see you do the same.

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