Hot Weather

It’s been very hot and humid over the last few days. I took Dressy over to the Vivian Forest last night for a slow evening ride. I was pretty cautious about it, since I was not sure if she was going to be able to sweat enough to cool herself. I gave her a couple of shots of electrolytes beforehand. Met up with Emily and her little QH Duke, so Dressy would have company and be a bit more settled.

She did sweat some, but not as much as I’d like to see. She was quite wet under her saddle and girth. But none on her neck or chest. So she’s not back to normal yet. She’s still getting Guinness every day, and I think I will order a supplement called One AC, which sometimes helps with cases like this.

I did have the heart rate monitor on her, and she was running quite low (mostly under 70 at a walk, and under 120 at a trot) so I was not concerned. But she’s not ready to work hard in the heat yet. I was going to take her to the Summer Solstice ride this weekend, but it’s supposed to be hot again on Sunday. So I’ve shelved that idea. Better to be safe and give her a bit more time.

I’m going to go anyway and volunteer. Not like I have any choice anyway, since I’ve been elected to do the CTR scoring. Which I’m not overly experienced at… yikes.

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