Well. Bad news from the track. Handy Harold was claimed today. The entire crew is distraught. He is a big crazy lunatic, but much loved despite his antics. No one expected him to be claimed. He’s 7 years old and a homebred. He wasn’t even close to being the favorite in this race. The boss always races his own horses, and never claims any. So other trainers almost never claim any of his either. When I talked to Harri (the groom, not the horse) afterwards, he was mad. And had many bad things to say about the trainer who took him.

The horse ran a good race. Ended up fifth, but was right in there battling to the end, as he always does. I don’t even feel like posting the video though.

Harold is going to lose his mind tonight. He has never been an easy horse, and he gets worked up about stuff. To go back to a different barn with the wrong people is going to mess with his head. It would be very interesting to see how he behaves the first time they try to tack him up too. He’s going to spend a lot of time airborne with both hind feet flying. I hope he doesn’t actually hurt anyone. Kind of.

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  1. Hey, I watched that race from Woodbine yesterday, watched him run. It was nice to see a horse I recognized. It’s harsh to have him claimed, not fun to lose one you don’t want to lose. If your boss really did not want to lose the horse, he can always give it a few days, let them get to know him a bit, and mention that a buy back might be possible if they are having buyers remorse.

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