Well… Loula is the last mare we have to foal this year, and she is taking her own sweet time about it. The boss says he was up most of the night watching her because she was very restless. And I brought her back into the barn later in the morning when I saw her looking unhappy and pawing at the gate. Her pulse was quite elevated (60) and eventually she lay down in her stall and groaned for a long time. Linda and Ana were both there too, and we were probably way more concerned than Loula was. Linda paced madly. Ana kept her camera phone on high alert. Then Loula just got up and started eating calmly. Her pulse dropped back down too. So it was kind of a big letdown.

She still had no foal this evening when I went back to feed. I hope it arrives tonight while the boss is there. I much prefer arriving to find a lovely clean dry baby awaiting me in the morning. That way the boss does the work (well… okay, Loula does most of the work actually) and I take the photos  🙂

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