Cold Windy Ride

After all the summery weather we’ve been having, it’s a bit of a shock to have a couple of days of normal March weather back. But I bundled up and kicked myself out to the barn to tack Dressy up. King is feeling mightily put out about the way he’s being ignored, and today he was quite grumpy. He tried to get my attention while I was working on her, pointing out that he was standing RIGHT HERE! And was in fact not chopped liver. I gave him a couple of treats and some hay which really didn’t mollify him much.

I checked Dressy’s back again today and it is definitely much better with the change of saddle pad. I was using a therapeutic pad with closed cell foam inserts and have switched her to the Christ pad, which is just a sheepskin pad with quilted cotton backing and no inserts. So it’s still cushy, but has much less bulk. Sometimes less really is more.

Dressy was very very forward today. But a lot less spooky. Even her walk was right around 4 mph. There was no dilly-dallying. We had a short but just beautiful canter at one point. A good 20 strides of perfectly balanced, slow, round canter! At the end of it I brought her back to a walk and admired her madly. Told her she was just wonderful, and she snorted and tossed her head a few times. Obviously quite quite pleased with her own magnificence.

Diego was very good for Misha. No antics today. He was surprisingly lazy in fact. Just ambling along after Dressy and having to canter a bit every now and then to catch up to her walk. At least until we turned for home. Then suddenly he remembered how to move out.

When we rode back up to the barn at the end, King was throwing a raging tantrum. Bucking, squealing, and galloping around wildly. Trying to kick Ares. Being a very bad boy. He was really very worked up. That bad boy needs exercise. Dunno how he’s going to get it though, since I’m not that eager to get ON him when he’s acting like that 🙂


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