Shameless Promotion Among Other Things

Another ride in the Vivian today. Misha and Diego came with us this time. The weather was lovely, and many people apparently had the same idea of getting out to the forest, because there were a lot of hikers and dogs. Even more than the last few rides. So many people and dogs in fact that there were a few traffic jams on trail. Luckily, no bad dogs today though.

I carried my crop, and Dressy was rather less spooky. I growl at her, and she thinks I’m more frightening than a tree stump, especially when she knows I have that crop. Which is wise of her, because I would likely get quite grumpy if she unloaded me ONTO a tree stump.

Diego was quite well behaved today. He drank when offered the opportunity. And Misha wanted photographic evidence of his accomplishment. Hence the photo below….

Diego drinking out of a small natural pond in the Vivian Forest


Dressy’s back was sore a couple of days ago, and I was getting worried about that. So today, after having a couple of days off, I changed her saddle pad to my good sheepskin Christ pad (which cost a fortune). And voila… no soreness. I think it was mainly the other pad causing the problem, not the saddle.  It has a tacky tack type of underside, and I think she was getting a friction burn. Though I’m still not ruling out saddle fit issues once we go a bit farther.

She wore her new boots again. They are working quite well so far. They are a nice tight fit on her feet, and she moves well in them. She’s always been ouchier on gravel than King (King couldn’t care less what he rattles over barefoot), so the boots make a difference to our speed.

We did 11 miles today. Which brings Dressy’s total for the last five days to around 35 miles. I’m pleased with that.

Once we got back to the parking lot, I tied Dressy to the trailer and started untacking. A young girl peeked around the front of the truck, obviously quite interested in the horses. I started chatting with her, and told her about Dressy and Diego. She asked a lot of questions and I finally wrote down the address of the OCTRA website and told her to go and have a look and see the sports the two horses compete in. And also told her that she could probably volunteer at rides if she was interested. She went off with a big smile.

By the time I got home, there was an email waiting for me from the girl. Apparently she hustled right home and looked up the site and found my email address… she is wanting to know more about volunteering. Really… I’m pretty shameless LOL!

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