So, my friend Nancy, over at has started sending me a new yoga pose each week. I’ve just gotten my second one and I’m practicing diligently.

The first one, the Child’s Pose, has really been helping my lower back. I have an old sacroiliac injury that acts up a bit now and then. I’m finding that the Child’s Pose really helps to loosen the muscles and free it up.

I just got the second one (Butterfly Pose). And it’s a pose that I used to do a lot when I was younger, though I had no idea it was a yoga posture at the time.

It’s really just humiliating to try these at first though. Between losing flexibility over the years, and being stiffer from all my recent riding than I realized, it’s quite difficult to even sit down on a floor, much less sit on my heels or get my knees bent all the way. However, I’m determined to regain at least some faint shadow of that formerly limber self.

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  1. Yoga’s great and Nancy is sending you the best postures. I could stay in butterfly for hours if my classes would allow it (although I’m still pretty young and stretchy). You could try wacking a pillow or cushion or something behind your lower back for a little extra support in butterfly if it feels better that way.

    Wait till you get to the hip opening poses – As a rider, you (and Sky King and Dressy Gal) will love them.

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