Maya Ride Dressy!

Maya’s mother promised her a trip to the park today. But this morning Maya announced “Maya ride Dressy!” Her mother explained that if she went to ride Dressy she would not get to go to the park. Maya thought about it and nodded emphatically, “Maya RIDE DRESSY!”

So this evening, Maya arrived looking very cheerful. “Hello Dennanna, Maya Ride Dressy!”

We all trooped out to the barn to see Maya ride. First she got on Dressy. Dressy was so good that when I tried to lead her forward to give Maya few steps of walking in the barn aisle (with Maya’s mother and Jen holding her on both sides), Dressy would only take one step and stop. Another step and stop. She was just much too worried that the baby would fall off.

So then we brought King in and put him in the aisle. Maya wanted to ride him too. King was perfectly happy to have that much attention and he stood nicely. But he doesn’t have quite the same maternal instinct as Dressy, so he wasn’t afraid to walk forward and back up with Maya riding him. It gave her a little bit more of a ride that way.  Here is a little short video clip of Maya sitting on King… She’s still kind of obsessed with Dressy though, even while riding King. Kept pointing at her and announcing “That’s Dressy!”


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