Boot Fitting

Picked up the EasyCare Fit Kit from Baker’s Tack Shop the other day so that I can fit Dressy for some new boots. I really like the Gloves that I got for King. The only issue I had with them was the old style gaiters, which gave King terrible rubs around the pasterns until I replaced them with the new style.

So I got Dressy’s feet all cleaned up and tried on different sizes from the Fit Kit. She’s a 1.5, and the fit looks good. There’s a bit of a V in the front slot once they are on, and they are nice and tight. There was a distinct ‘pop’ when I took them off in fact. I think they’d probably stay on if she walked around in them without any attachment at all. So with the gaiters they should be very secure on her.

The hind feet are also 1.5, so that’s convenient. I’ll probably just order the fronts for now though. We won’t need boots on her hinds until Stormont at the earliest. That’s the first ride this season that has any rocky footing. Might as well make sure they work fine on the fronts before committing to putting them on the hinds as well.

She went well in the original style of Easy Boot, but we had some problems with her getting sore behind when the buckles were cranked too tight. So the Gloves should suit her much better.


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