Bringing Home Loot

Just got back from the annual awards banquet. Brooke went to the awards with me. She was very excited. She rode Dressy for the first half of the season (until her motorcycle accident). And she had accumulated enough points by then to hold on to 7th place in the Junior rankings.

Brooke's ribbon

She was also in the Youth Team Challenge, which gives the kids points for any volunteer work they do, as well as their competing. So if they pit crew, volunteer at rides, stuff envelopes… whatever… they get points for their team. Brooke’s team was Brooke, Stephanie, and Laura. They took second place.

So she picked up her ribbon, and all the great prizes that sponsors donated (thanks to Misha’s initiative actually) for the kids. She got a nice pair of SSG gloves, a certificate for a bag of feed from Shur-Gain, and a bottle of Sinew-X from Omega Alpha. As well as a hat, and a syringe. Maybe more stuff too… I think I lost track.

Dressy won the high point Standardbred trophy again this year. Which I’m very proud of, of course. There were four Standardbreds competing through the season. I sent Brooke up, since I thought she’d get a bit of thrill collecting the trophy.

But I’m actually more impressed that Dressy won Reserve Champion in the Set Speed category (which are distances of under 50 miles), since she was up against a lot more horses of all breeds, many of them Arabs. Mind you, the horse that beat her was a great little Arab. Michelle Watling’s Klein. Awesome little horse, and cute as a button.

Year End Junior Rankings

Standardbred Rankings

Set Speed Rankings

We were up late, dancing the night away (well… Brooke danced under duress. Chrystal and I held her hostage on the dance floor until, after a couple of aborted attempts, she finally escaped. Apparently teenaged girls don’t like making complete fools of themselves. Who knew?)   Brooke stayed in a hotel room packed wall to wall with kids, so could not have slept much. I had to go to a board meeting this morning, and then drive several hours home. And then we had to fix the stall wall that King sat on yesterday (amazing how much damage a butt that size can do… just passively sitting on a wall). By the time that was all done, I was totally out of steam.

Brooke still had enough energy to clean stalls, play some clicker training games with Ares, and groom him before she went off home. She says she’s tired. But you couldn’t tell that by looking at her. She still had a big grin on her face when she left.

Dressy showed no particular interest in her ribbons. Perhaps I’ll haul the trophy out to show her tomorrow, and see if she cares at all. It’s probably all beneath her. The Queen of the Universe rules… trinkets are not likely to impact that greater truth.



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