Ride Dressy!

Jen’s 2-year old niece, Maya met the horses for the first time the other day. I went out to the barn to find both Dressy and Ares fascinated with the tiny human in her mother Robin’s arms. Maya fervently patted Dressy’s neck over the stall door while she and I had a chat about the horses.

“Do you like the horses, Maya?”

“YES”, she nodded firmly.

“Would you like to ride a horse?”

“YES”, another firm nod.

“Wanna go ride fifty miles with me tomorrow?”

“NO!” She was very clear on that.(Okay, maybe it was a bit too soon for that idea).

“Wanna ride Dressy right now?”


So we brought Dressy in and put her on the crossties. Dressy just wanted to see the baby. She adores kids. The smaller they are, the better Dressy likes them. She goes all doe-eyed and gooey. Very maternal mare.

Robin was not quite as convinced as Jen and I were that it was a grand idea. But Maya was completely good with it, so up she went. BIG smile. We got her to pat Dressy’s withers and she did that enthusiastically. Eventually something startled her (not Dressy… the mare stood like a rock) and she wanted to get down. But she went right back to patting Dressy, so she wasn’t all that scared apparently.

Jen just informed me that today, Maya has spent the entire day babbling about the horses.

“Ride Dressy!”

“Mama… want ride DRESSY!”

“King white”

“Dressy horse”


Jen is very pleased that her initial attempts to infect the poor unsuspecting child with horse fever have worked so well. In fact, I think I might have even heard some chortling…


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