Snow, Ice, Rude Horse, and Camera

I haven’t ridden more than a couple of times in the last two weeks due to the footing. It’s just been horrible. Frozen mud, and big skating rink patches of ice everywhere. It’s gradually been melting off during the days, and for the last few days I’ve been eyeing the ground hopefully as the ice patches disappeared.

We’ve had quite a bit of snow over the last 36 hours. Brooke came over, so we decided to go out for a little walk with the horses to try out the footing. King hasn’t been ridden for a few weeks, so he was pretty enthusiastic, “helping” me put his tack on and being generally cute and obnoxious while I tried to get him ready.

It’s quite pretty out with all the fresh snow. But we had to go down the driveway for a short stretch to get to the back field, and hadn’t gone more than fifty feet or so before we started hitting small patches of ice under the snow. We managed to get off the driveway and into the grassy areas which seemed sort of okay, but still rough footing under the snow. But then we had to cross the driveway again and hit a bad patch that I had no idea was there. King went for one big skid. Then Dressy hit it. My heart was in my mouth watching, because Dressy ended up skidding on all four feet, sideways. Down a slope. Geez.  She and Brooke were both fine. But really, that was enough for me. We quit for the day.  Apparently the footing is NOT safe yet.

On our way back from the big slide though, we rode around the edge of the pond (where the footing was quite good) and I pulled out my camera. Being conscious of King’s penchant for exquisitely timed antics and not wanting to lose my camera, I pulled off one glove and put the camera strap around my wrist. JUST as I did that… with one glove in my teeth, the reins in my left hand, camera in my right… RIGHT on schedule (the little rat!), King broke into an exuberant sideways canter through the snow. Me, cursing up a storm, calling him creatively bad names as I tried to find my reins. And Brooke, trying not to fall off Dressy, laughing. I told her if she kept laughing I was going to make her ride King instead of Dressy next time…

I managed to snap a couple of good close up shots of my knee in the melee. But then took this shot of the pond, and King’s completely innocent face after we got re-organized from his romp.


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