Horses Know What They Like

Even more than Dressy dislikes the kimberwick bit, and likes the Myler combo bit, King despises (I mean really DESPISES) the Myler combo bit and likes his own kimberwick. Geez. I made the very grave error of trying the Myler on King today. It did not go well. To put it mildly.

I asked him to trot, and that was fine. Then he broke to a canter (he much prefers to canter), and I asked him to slow down. He took a leap, and I had to take a stronger hold. So he bolted. I ran him off the field and into some trees to get him stopped. But it really didn’t end there. We went around and around, with him in a total frenzy. It’s hard to let go of a horse who is trying to bolt away like that. We worked our way around the field, sort of sidepassing (a pretty way of putting it) with the occasional spectacular leap until we got back to the barn.

Changed him back into the kimberwick and went out again.  Sure enough, he was fine after that.  We did some half halts, and some leg yields, and remembered that we actually do know how to be light and responsive and amiable. After he settled down and realized that all was right with his world again, we had a couple of nice controlled rocking horse canters. So much nicer than frenzied zigzag bolting….

And for your listening pleasure… a sample from my mp3 playlist today…



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