Canter on Cue!

For those of you who have normally gaited horses, this is going to seem like a ridiculously small accomplishment. But for my Standardbred ex-pacer, it’s sort of a miracle. Today, while we were out doing laps (boring!) around the cornfield, Dressy felt pretty balanced at one point trotting up a long grade. So I sat down and cued a canter. And she stepped INSTANTLY into it!  She’s cantered before, but it’s always taken a few strides, and it’s been more a case of her falling into it, rather than lifting her front end and stepping that hind leg forward into it. It’s been a very difficult gait transition for her. This time it was a very smooth, natural change. I made quite a fuss over her and told her what a very wonderful mare she is. Which she loves. She preens.

We did just under five miles around that field. Half a mile a lap. It’s boring. But it’s probably kind of good for her. Ring work on a bit of a larger scale 🙂



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  1. I distinctly remember the first time Ozzy stepped into a beautiful, relaxed, uphill, 3-beat canter on the first cue. I was DELIGHTED. Congrats!!! This is awesome.

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