The Bit Works Well

Dressy went much better in the new Myler bit today. She was happier… I was happier.  She was much softer in the jaw, more willing to bend (not Dressy’s best thing… bending). Less pacing, more trotting and cantering. She did get a little crazy when Diego went out in front on the way home in a somewhat out of control gallop. She wanted to gallop past him. Actually she just wanted to blow his doors off and had her ears pinned flat to her head. But she came back to me when I insisted. Grudgingly mind you. And umm…. well, there was that one mighty protest buck first 🙂

It was warm and foggy today. There is still snow on the ground and it rained on it yesterday, then froze overnight. So the trees were dripping but the snow was still a little crunchy on top. The tree branches are all heavy with the wet snow and hanging low. My tall horse runs me right into all that stuff of course, so wet snow fell down my back and into my saddle. Where it melted into the seat of my pants. Ugh.


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