Big Fat Silly Mares

The broodmares and the fillies at work all live out together with a lovely big run in shelter. But we do bring them in twice a day for meals. This morning when I let them in, some confusion ensued, and Loula went into a stall she doesn’t usually go in. It’s generally Dora’s stall. And Dora doesn’t really share nicely. So Dora started to go in after her. And Loula, alarmed, tried to charge back out at the same time Dora charged in.

Now, in order to picture this, you have to realize that both mares are in foal. And both are ENORMOUS. Not just “in foal” enormous, but fat enormous. Loula always was built like a brick you-know-what. And Dora has been eating like any ten normal horses since she’s been in foal. So she’s working on getting as wide as Loula. Neither mare is due until March or April. But they are like Mack trucks.

I’m not sure how wide that stall door is, but it’s not even close to as wide as those two mares combined. And so they got stuck. Really REALLY stuck. It looked like a cartoon clip… both mares with all four feet scrambling wildly trying to go forward. It probably took a good ten seconds before it occurred to either mare to back up. And even the backing up seemed to produce an audible POP when they finally got unstuck.

Neither mare was hurt, thank goodness. And once I realized that all was well, I burst out laughing. A complete failure of equine dignity….


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