Today’s Ride

Some of you may remember my post about my Great Aunt Pat. And also the old photos of Pat with her horse, Bill.  While cleaning up Pat’s place after she died, I happened across a box in her linen closet, and was a bit shocked to discover that it was my great grandmother’s ashes (it was labelled, thank goodness!). Thus we actually had two boxes of ashes.

Both my Nini (my great grandmother) and Pat always loved the pond we have here on the farm. It’s quite large, and really truly lovely. Nini painted quite a few watercolours of it. So we decided to scatter both of their ashes along the shoreline of the pond, or “Lake Marsh” as Pat always referred to it.  I built a small winding trail along the shore last year, and found a lovely and very quiet spot that looks out on the water. So we went out this past Sunday.

Shoreline trail

I rode through today with my camera and took a couple of photos of the trail. Isn’t it pretty?  I think they both would have loved this spot.

View from the Shore

After riding around that trail, Dressy and I went across the road to our regular conditioning trails. Here’s a lovely view. Well… that big hill off in the distance is the old dump 🙂  But you’d never know, since it’s been closed for many years and is all long since backfilled.  As you can see, there’s still no snow of any kind. Hard to believe this is mid-December in Ontario.


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