Brooke Rides Again

So Brooke came over to ride Dressy today. This is her first ride since she had her bad accident this past summer (she was in intensive care at Toronto Sick Kids Hospital for quite a while after a motorcycle crash). She was bubbling over with excitement. Dressy took excellent care of her. We were out for about an hour, and walked almost the entire time. I imagine she’ll be a little sore tomorrow, but seemed to be just fine today anyway.

I rode King, and he was really quite well behaved except for a very saucy moment when he bit his boss mare on the butt. Nervy little beggar that he is. He’s lucky she didn’t take him out. Here’s a little clip of his rudeness…


One Reply to “Brooke Rides Again”

  1. Glad to see Brooke back in action. King is too much, what on earth was he
    thinking? Looks like he got lucky and caught Dressy on a good day.

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