A Thorn in Dressy’s Knee

Horses are the most accident-prone creatures on the planet, I swear. Dressy came in for breakfast this morning with a swollen knee. I was at work, so Jen left her in the stall until I got home to have a look at it.

Yep. Definitely swollen right up. Big lump on the front of the knee, and filling all the way down to her pastern. I poked and prodded, but she didn’t seem all that tender.

A bit more poking and prodding. Rubbed around through the hair feeling for a cut or a puncture. And found a little scabby thing. Pinched the scab between my fingernails and pulled at it a bit and out slides… a thorn. Yikes. It was straight in the front of the knee. Nothing oozed out of the puncture. No pus, and thank goodness, no clear yellowish joint fluid.

I got the vet out to look at it. He was amazed that I’d managed to find that thorn. He left penicillin for her, and instructions to call him back immediately if she seemed to develop any additional swelling or pain. She’s to get bute for a day or two as well.

And then he mentioned the new portable run-in shelter... “What’s that you’ve put up?” He asked me. So I took him out to inspect it. He kept looking at it, then looking back at me… “$300???? Did it come with the tarp? Did it come with all the anchors? The bracing? The tie-downs? The concrete blocks too? Even the original instructions? $300??? Seriously???”  He was totally impressed.  🙂

“Well” he said, thinking about it a little bit more, “I think it might not hold up if the wind hits 100mph”. I laughed. “Nope, likely not”. Still, he thought it was pretty amazingly solid. Now he’s off to check out Kijiji himself…  he’d never heard of it before.

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