4 Replies to “Look What I Bought…”

    1. Unless this bizarre weather changes, I’ll NEVER need skis 🙂 I’ve actually done a fair bit of jogging Standardbreds in the snow. Small carts like this one are light enough that they go through drifts pretty easily. I’ll keep the harness in mind if I run across anyone looking for some. I do have a set for Dressy already, though. But thanks 🙂

  1. Jealous!!!

    I meant to buy one at the beginning of the summer, but then shit hit the fan financially. It’s a shame because I LOVE driving Ozzy and have a harness.

    Can’t wait to see photos of you using it!

    1. I’m really looking forward to it… I’ve never driven Dressy. Used to jog all my horses when I was a Standardbred groom and that was the best part of the job. I liked it so much that the other grooms used to pawn off their driving chores on me when the weather was bad 🙂

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