Good Pony, Bad Pony

The little paddock beside the house is sort of an L shape and wraps around the back of the house under  my bedroom window. Twister and Nikita are in there at the moment. It’s the “fat pony” paddock for fat little horses who need to be on a strict diet. King ought to be in there with them, but there are political considerations that make it impossible (or in simpler terms… King tries to kill Twister).

So sometimes, at night, I’m awakened by the clitter clatter of little hooves if the two little fat black ponies (generally known as the “Bobbsey Ponies) have a little burst of energy. It’s not uncommon, since they do tend to run out of hay before the night is over (being greedy ponies on a diet). Last night’s flurry of hoofbeats woke me up at around 2am. I muttered a bit and pulled a pillow over my head.

Twister and Nikita. Can you tell them apart? (Well, other than the burrs stuck in Nikita's forelock!)

But of course, this morning when I looked out the front door, there was Twister on the lawn. Sigh. I yelled upstairs to Jen’s apartment. “Jenny!!! Your little horse is loose!” She staggered out, bleary-eyed to catch him and repair whatever damage the little black wrecking ball had done this time.

Turned out that he had lifted the new gate off the gate pins. He’s an ingenious little devil. He’s been here for ten years, and he continues to diversify his talents. He dismantles fences, opens latches, crawls under, rolls under, jumps over, and sometimes just totally demolishes any barrier. The only thing that will stop him is electric fencing. Which he tests daily.

Anyway, as I was leaving for work, I checked on Jen’s progress. She was chaining the gate to the gate post. “Just like old times” I told her.  “Yeah” she says “but this is the first time in about eight months that he’s escaped, so he’s improving!”  I looked at her in great amusement  “He’s been GONE all summer, Jen”.  “Oh… that’s right” she says, looking deflated.

He was away taking care of Reno, the orphan foal from April until last month. And yes, he managed to escape a few times when he was there too.

Meanwhile. the GOOD pony, Nikita, was pacing back and forth inside the paddock fence. With the gate down. She couldn’t bring herself to step on the gate, or jump over it. That is what BAD ponies do. And Nikita would NEVER do such a thing.


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