For the last few months I’ve been treating a bit of thrush in Dressy’s front feet. She’s very prone to it, and has been since she came off the track. Her heels were horribly contracted when she arrived as a six year old. And although they’ve improved a great deal, they are still not what I’d like them to be. Here’s a photo of one foot on the day she arrived here, still in her racing shoes.

So last night I decided to get serious about it. I trimmed her feet first, then took a hoof knife to her frogs. Trimmed away all the rough bits. And started poking around some. Sure enough, after prodding and prying a bit, I discovered quite a good sized little cavern in her right front. She was not happy about me poking into that sore spot. But I cut away the edges to open it up. Scrubbed it out as well as I could. Then mixed up some White Lightning and vinegar in a syringe. After soaking the frog in it first, I packed the whole thing with cotton wool, soaked it with more White Lightning/vinegar then wrapped it in vet wrap and duct tape to make a bootie. Did the same with the other foot (though I didn’t find any pockets in that foot). Put her in the stall for the night to let her feet fumigate.

I took it all off this morning and had a look. It certainly bleached out the black stuff anyway. Looked and smelled a lot cleaner. I think it might take a couple of treatments though to be sure I’ve got it all. I put a bit of zinc ointment on the frogs before turning her out.

She was quite full of herself and went out bucking. It looked like she was going to take somebody (me, or King, or Ares) out so I opened the gate and shooed her out onto the main pasture to work out her hissy fit there. She bucked and galloped and reared and spun in circles. Not to mention throwing a few kicks sideways in my general direction as she flew past. She’s a VERY important mare, and I interfered with her schedule by keeping her in a stall all night.  King and Ares were excited too, but I think they spent more time getting out of her way than actually playing themselves. She’s quite impressive when she’s huffy.



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