Nice Driving There, Buddy….

Wow. It is amazing how stupid some people can be. Tonight, on the way home from a very fun ride in the Ganaraska forest, with Dressy loaded in the trailer, some guy in a red pickup truck pulled out of a driveway in front of my truck. RIGHT in front of my truck. After a fraction of a second of disbelief… I stood on the brakes. I was doing about 90kmh and fully locked up the truck and trailer brakes. Went into a skid on the wet pavement. I could hear all the tires squealing. I thought at first that I was going to t-bone the guy right in the driver’s door.  He must’ve stood on the gas though, because as I went skidding off onto the shoulder, I watched the back of his truck just slide past my front end. JUST past. I might have missed him by a couple of inches. I was so positive I was going to hit him that I was shocked at the lack of impact. And then I was shocked that I managed to right the truck and trailer and get it back on the pavement without rolling the entire rig.It felt strangely anti-climactic to find myself coasting slowly along in a straight line again.

My trailer is not light. It’s an old steel four horse head to head. So the deck, not including the nose of the gooseneck, is 24 feet long. Between the truck and the trailer, it’s thousands of pounds (the trailer alone is 6000lbs never mind the truck), and I would think quite, quite deadly at that speed. Who in their right mind pulls out in front of a rig that size? Although it was dark, visibility was good. My lights were all on, including the interior trailer lights which meant the window at the front of the gooseneck was lit up as well as all the marker lights. The road was flat and straight. He absolutely could see me. If he looked. Which I think he must not have done.

That was just way too much adrenaline for my system. I still feel a little shaky and sick from it. Dressy seems to have suffered no ill effects (she’s a seasoned traveler). Jen, bless her soul,  is feeding the horses for me tonight. I’m going to finish my tea and take a long hot bath.


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