New Home for the Filly

Just home from delivering the filly to her new home. She loaded up beautifully, and travelled well (as most Standardbreds do). Unloaded quite cautiously when we arrived. She was a little worried and snorted softly as she walked around. But was oh so polite to all the people and the horses.

We put her in a small paddock next to the resident horses, and she walked around with me, examining it all carefully. Then went over to greet the herd at the fence. I was quite amazed to see that they all instantly adored her. There were two mares and two geldings talking to her, and not a single squeal. No pinned ears. Nothing other than the boss gelding trying to wrap his neck around her to keep her at the fence. He was utterly entranced by her. To the point of making a complete fool of himself.

We watched them for a long time, then I went in and had dinner. Came back, and the boss gelding was STILL utterly entranced by her. And by then she seemed very pleased with her situation. Happily accepting carrots and following her new owner around the paddock to beg for more.

So far, so good. Her new owner wants to both ride and drive her, and since it’s a friend, I should get lots of updates on their progress.

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