Another Standardbred Available… Spanish Lady

This filly has now been placed in her new home 🙂


Just had a lovely filly arrive, looking for a new home. Her name is Spanish Lady. She’s a three year old Standardbred. Never raced. She was in training, but has never even come close to being fast enough to qualify.

She is sound, and by all accounts, exceedingly quiet. Trainer says she is quiet enough for a child to drive.  And has no spook in her at all.  The groom was apparently giving her kids pony rides on her too. And given that she’s been in race training and has been fed like a racehorse, she will only get quieter once she’s been turned out and allowed to relax. So this is likely to turn out to be a very bombproof sort of mare once she’s had a couple of years to finish growing up.

She’s here in my round pen at the moment. Just arrived half an hour ago. Super friendly. Chowing down happily on a pile of hay. Thinks maybe Swamp Dog could be her friend too.

She has not yet been backed, though I will probably do that within the next day or two.

She’s free to a good home. It has to be a pleasure home. No racing. No breeding. I follow up on the horses I place, and require references if I don’t know you. I always accept these horses back if they turn out to be unsuitable, and will retain ownership for period of time to make sure that everything goes well. I can deliver within a few hours of the Greater Toronto area for the price of fuel.

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  1. She is definitely a darling. Although most Standardbreds are nice horses, she looks to be one of the really special ones. And… I’m happy to report… I’m just about to hook up the trailer to deliver her to her new home. She’s going to a friend of mine. A very excited friend who has already bought a stock of carrots to greet her with.

  2. Looks to be a lovely filly, I’m so glad you were able to find her a nice home… best of luck to her and her new connections.

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