Diego’s Big Knee

A couple of days ago, when I went out to feed in the evening, I looked down at Diego’s legs as he walked in for dinner. His left knee looked a little swollen. There were no obvious cuts at first glance. But I washed it off and looked carefully. Sure enough there was a small cut, perhaps an inch and a half long. It was scabbed over and looked more like a shallow gouge. So I scrubbed it pretty vigorously with iodine scrub. It seemed to clean up okay and still didn’t look like much of a cut. But the swelling in the knee bothered me. So I put furacin ointment on it and bandaged the knee before calling Misha (his owner).

Remarkably, she took it reasonably well (she worries… to put it mildly). Though she did later send me a panicky text message which sounded much more like her usual self. I gave him some bute to get the swelling down, and thought about that cut for a while. Something about it really bothered me. So I called the vet and asked about antibiotics. She suggested I wait until morning to see if the swelling went down.

In the meantime, Jen went looking around the paddock and discovered a broken board. He was apparently harrassing Twister over the fence again. He’s been quite aggressive ever since Twister came home, and I’ve been a bit worried that he would hurt himself with all the striking and squealing. Sure enough, it looked like he’d broken one of the brand new solid oak boards that we repaired the fence with a couple of weeks ago.

The next morning the knee was probably only half as swollen. So I relaxed a little. But it gradually got bigger through the day. I called the vet back and asked if I could come and pick some antibiotics up. It was making me very uneasy to look at the knee. The cut really did not look at all bad, but it bugged me. I kept poking around it, trying to make sure there was no puncture or splinters or anything, but couldn’t find a thing.

His leg looked a lot better by this morning. Misha came to clean his stall, and turned him out in the round pen for a while. So he, of course, did some galloping and bucking, and some Lipizzaner type airs above the ground.

By the time she brought him in, he’d split the cut open. And in doing so, made it apparent that there had been a little puncture right at the front of the cut. Luckily it’s on an angle forward (he probably stabbed himself with a splinter from the board he broke with his knee as he pulled he knee back out), and seems to have totally missed the joint.  It looks clean and pink inside the wound, so it should heal up fine. But it’s likely a good thing he got those antibiotics. Geez.

Really… it’s no wonder the crazy little bugger is covered in scars. He is just constantly getting into things. He needs to live in a padded cell. For now, he’s stall bound, which is as close as we can get to imprisonment in a rubber room.



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