Season’s Over

Well, the final set of ride results should be in within a couple of days for the OCTRA season. And Dressy did well this year. She finished 2nd in the Silver level 31 mile ride, which ends up putting her 4th for the day I believe (Chrystal’s little mare won not only the Bronze level, but top score of the day too!).

With that set of results, Dressy will end up in second place for the season in Set Speed. There’s no official ranking for Set Speed yet of course. But I do know that there is someone who would like to sponsor awards for Set Speed, so it might happen. We shall see. Maybe Dressy will end up with a top ten ribbon after all. She’s a good, honest mare who always does her best without too much fuss. And she really seems to like the sport.

The horse who will win top Set Speed horse is Klein. He is a cute little grey Arab with terrific heart rates. Totally deserves to win, as he and Michelle are a great team.

It looks to me as though Grace (Chrystal’s mare) will move up to 5th in the set speed season rankings after this last ride. She placed first at all three of the Set Speed rides she did.

Diego looks to be 11th in set speed, just barely missing the top ten. He had a good year too, despite missing a couple of rides. The 50 he did at Coates Creek was pretty spectacular, despite Misha’s heat stroke that day. He was, as far as anyone could see, completely unaffected by heat. And placed 6th in only his second 50.


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