Competing the Queen

Dressy is entered in another Set Speed ride this weekend. She did really well last time in the rainy cold weather at Oktoberfest, and it looks like a similar kind of day is forecast.

This time we are going to attempt a Silver (intermediate) level ride. This will be the first time anything above a bronze level ride has been held here. There is also a Gold (advanced) level ride being held, but although I qualify, Dressy is short a few miles. She’s not ready for that speed anyway (10mph). The Silver ride is 8mph maximum, which is about what she did at the last ride if you figure in the half hour we spent being late with Chrystal.

I am not sure if we can quite get to the full 8mph, but we will see how it goes. She is definitely fast and steady on trail. But this ride will be 30+ miles (I keep hearing different numbers so I’m not entirely sure), so a little further than the last ride. And it’s always been a bit tougher for Dressy to get over that 30-35 mile distance.

Lately though, I’ve been a lot more aggressive about electrolytes, and she seems to be responding really well. She’s getting RideRite instead of Perform n Win. I used PnW for years, and it’s been great for King. But for Dressy, it just never quite worked. The RideRite is about 3 times as strong, and the formulation is different. This year I’ve been a bit freer with the electrolyte doses. I’ve also started giving her BCAAs, extra magnesium and calcium, double her normal daily dose of vitamin e and selenium, and EnduraGin from Omega Alpha. It is way too complicated to give all that stuff during a ride one by one. So I generally mix it all up (except the RideRite which she hates… I have to syringe that in directly) in zip lock freezer bags with her meals. One for each vet check. She’s always starving, so I don’t have to worry about her leaving anything behind. In fact, I have to watch her at vet checks, because she goes shopping after she finishes her own meal and steals anything she can find lying around.

Chrystal is bringing Grace to this ride too. I am not going to stand around waiting for her to tack up in the morning though. Dressy and I will go out at the regular start time. Chrystal is going to do her usual thing, and then catch up to me on trail. Grace is very very fast, so that will not be a problem I’m sure. Because Grace is only qualified for bronze level, she has to average a maximum of 7 mph. Dressy and I will be aiming for 8 mph. So Chrystal will probably have to stay longer in her hold to use up some time.

If the trail is 31 miles, then we will have to finish in something over 3 hours and 53 minutes. Grace will need to do it in 4 hours and 26 minutes or more.

Misha is bringing Diego too. He’s looking quite sassy lately. He’s been bucking, much to Misha’s displeasure. She’ll be in the bronze level ride as well. Diego had a mild virus last month, so she’s being careful with him.

Oh! Almost forgot… Dressy is currently in second place for the season in the Set Speed horse rankings. She’s also in first place for the High Point Standardbred award.


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