Working With King

Brought King in this afternoon and spent quite a bit of time with him. First cleaned his sheath. Gross job. King thinks it’s gross too. He turns around and looks at me with horrified disgust when I start. “Are you kidding?” He makes a face at me. Then he catches a whiff of the smell… “EEWWWWWW!” He blinks a couple of times and sniffs delicately, looking pained. I think maybe he’s embarrassed. He squirms a bit, but he’s really very good about the whole procedure. And he wasn’t too dirty actually. No bean, just a bit of crud at the edge of the sheath.

Then I worked on his hind feet. I’m trying to keep the toes nice and short with a good roll on them. He’s been very trippy behind with all these muscle issues. He is growing out what was probably an abcess up at the coronet band on his right hind. It never bothered him at the time. But there’s definitely some damage there. It’s down to about an inch above the toe now. Looks ugly but it’s not sensitive. I think it’s going to crumble a bit once it comes down a little more though. I could see some separation just starting in the wall when I rasped it today.

After all that, I took him out to the round pen and free lunged him for a while. He was very bouncy. Doing a big trot with lots of Arab head flinging. Then a few wild gallops for fun and some cowhorse spins. So he was feeling pretty good. After he settled a bit, I put a couple of trotting poles out for him and had him trot over them for cookies. It was a good game and he was pleased with it. Tried to cheat a few times. “How about if I just trot over ONE pole? Do I get paid for that? Why NOT???”

He felt pretty good last night when I rode him too. Not normal. But marginally better than he’s been lately anyway. We managed 40 minutes. Mostly walking but with a few minutes of volunteer trot and canter here and there too. So his energy levels are up slightly. He does fluctuate up and down though. So I’m not getting my hopes up yet.

I’ve put him back on the Magnesium Oxide as well as the oil. He was on it before and it seemed to help his spookiness/rudeness issues somewhat. The stuff I was using before was a fairly expensive Magnesium/Vit B supplement. This time I had the feed mill get me a bag of straight magnesium oxide. Much cheaper. And I’ll have enough magnesium to last for the next couple of years I think.



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