Garmin Heart Rate Monitor

After replacing my Garmin Forerunner 205, with a 305 (due to Swamp Dog snacking on the 205), I now have a heart rate monitor along with the watch. It’s for humans, not horses. But I have figured out a way to use it without modification on the horse. Today I tried it out on Dressy and it worked just fine.

Here’s a link to the GPS and HR data that I’ve uploaded to the Garmin Connect website. Heart rate data is at the lower right corner.

All I did was cut a little slice in my sheepskin girth cover. Slid the monitor inside the cover (on the inside against the horse), pulled one end through at the bottom, and the other end out the top edge. Leaving the transmitter portion inside the sheepskin cover and the electrodes against Dressy’s skin. Then I tied the top end of the monitor to the girth.

I rode her six miles this evening with it on. It didn’t shift, and other than one momentary lapse, it seemed to read steadily through the entire ride. No sign of any rubbing or irritation from it, but of course six miles isn’t very far. I will have to see how it works for longer distances.

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