Swamp Dog Eats Watches

So… the cute little Swamp Dog apparently likes to eat watches. I did NOT know about this little quirk. Today, when I went to put on my Garmin Forerunner 205 GPS watch, I found it covered in teeth marks. One of which had fractured the screen. It’s quite quite dead.

I rode Dressy without it today, and copied down Misha’s data from her Polar GPS, which I entered manually into GarminConnect. I upload everything to GarminConnect, and use that as my training log.

After riding I went out and bought a new GPS watch. This one is a Garmin Forerunner 305, which comes with a heart rate monitor. Since my old Polar equine HRM met with disaster at Spring Ride, I’m going to try to modify this HRM to work on the horses.

Spoke to my aunt a few minutes ago and told her about the GPS-eating dog… “Oh!” she says “Is she still doing that?”  Turns out that Swamp Dog has a history of watch-eating. She ate a number of my great aunt Pat’s watches (primarily the bands) and Pat finally started making bands out of duct tape. Very fashionable I’m sure… shabby chic even.



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