Ares First Lesson

Well. Just.. Wow.

I’ve been a little concerned about Ares and whether he might be difficult to work with. He’s a little on the worried, timid side, and I’m used to my big brash horses (I do tend to pick that sort of horse for myself… high, wide, and handsome). Ares is a cautious horse. Very shy with strangers. So I’ve put off working with him for a few weeks to let him settle in.

Tonight I cleaned him up and tacked him up in a surcingle and bridle and took him out to teach him to lunge. He was obviously a bit panicky at first, and very rushy (as an aside, he burst into a quite credible canter several times – which bodes well for his ability to canter under saddle). He was very worried about what I was asking for. But does he ever respond well to praise and encouragement. Tell him he’s a good boy and you can see him settle instantly. I managed to get him settled enough to put side reins on him (albeit quite loosely). And took this little short video clip of him trotting. He went from panic to pro (well okay, not quite “pro”, but pretty good anyway!) in about 10 minutes. I am feeling much more confident in this boy after this session. I think he’s going to make a very nice, and extremely responsive horse for the right person.

I put the measuring stick on him and he’s just barely 15hh. So he’s not a big horse. Though he moves quite big as most Standardbreds do. He looked pretty smooth to me, though it’s hard to tell just watching.

Check out the video…



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