Simply Hilarious

Here is some video of Oliver (Simply Hilarious). He’s one of our ex-racehorses. By Crown Attorney, and out of our stakes-placed mare Exclusive Affair.

He came off the track a couple of years ago, and was for sale for a long time. No one even came to look at him, much less buy him. He’s a smart, brave, athletic horse. Very sane. And perfectly sound.

So I twisted my dressage coach’s arm to get her to take him. She’s been working with him for a couple of months now, and I think he’s looking terrific. So if anyone is looking for a classy TB as a jumper or a three-day event prospect, let me know and I’ll put you in touch with her.

Oliver’s older brother, Casey Cobalt (also out of Exclusive) is doing very well as a competitive dressage horse.

Let’s Be Friends

Reno and Twister are now being turned out with Bernice and Al. Bernice is something of an obsessive mama mare, so it’s been very stressful for her. She is spending all her time trying to control Al’s desire to be friends with Reno. Al is NOT a co-operative child (I call him the Demon Spawn – he makes Reno look like an angel). And Reno is completely fascinated with Al. He slips sideways, sort of crab-like towards Al, all the while trying to look innocent and not attract Bernice’s attention. Once she notices him, she tries to get in between them and herd Al away, while making faces at Reno, who makes baby faces (opening his mouth and sort of flapping it at her – it’s a submissive baby gesture.. as in “please don’t kill me, I’m just a cute little baby!”) but only moves a few steps away before starting the sneak approach again. So obviously Bernice is failing to intimidate Reno as much as she’d like.

Photos by sky king’s girl

[vodpod id=ExternalVideo.997799&w=425&h=350&]

2011-06-06, posted with vodpod

And speaking of not intimidating… Twister has shown some remarkable grit in dealing with Bernice’s craziness. He is very obsessive about food (the boss has dubbed him “that gluttonous little bastard”), so he grazes obliviously in the midst of Bernice’s posturing. She tried very hard to intimidate him in the beginning, but Twister just continued to eat and ignored her pinned ears and threatening hind end. Just carried on chewing. Eventually though, he got tired of it all and marched over to Bernice and Al in the corner of the paddock. She spun around, trying to protect her kid, and Twister just stood and stared her down “Listen lady… I have no interest in your kid. I want to eat my grass. How about you leave me alone, and I’ll leave YOU alone?” Bernice finally just stopped threatening, and Twister ambled away to his patch of grass, satisfied that his point had been made. A day or two later, he was over by the gate, having a drink of water. Linda was standing there watching. Bernice was grazing some distance away, and Al decided to run over to Twister. She panicked and tore after him at top speed, just barely intercepting him at the very last moment. Linda, of course, was very concerned about the little black (borrowed!) horse with the freight train bearing down upon him. However, Twister, unaware of WHY Bernice was charging at him like an enraged bull, had reached his breaking point. He screamed like a stallion, pinned his ears flat, and double barrelled Bernice right in the rib cage. Loud enough that Linda could hear it echo. Then he double barrelled her again, just to make sure she got the point… “All I have is ONE simple rule Lady!!!” Linda saw it close up, but still couldn’t believe her eyes. She has stopped worrying about Twister at all now. He can definitely hold his own and then some. Reno saw all the excitement, and came right over to investigate. Then he saw Linda with the bottles, and squeezed right in between him and the gate to have his snack. Twister didn’t turn a hair. Just finished having his drink of water.

Since then, Reno has discovered that there is a safe zone near Twister. If Bernice chases him, he can scamper back to Twister and Bernice will NOT follow into range of Twister. It’s quite funny really. Twister is little (14.3hh), and has always been quite amiable and non-confrontational with other horses. And Bernice is perhaps 16.2? She comes from an entire family of bossy dominant sisters, and Bernice is quite a strong minded mare. Hard to believe Twister faced her down successfully.

Ginger WON!

Check out our little firecracker girl! Ginger Breeze is our littlest racehorse (which really just means that she is normal-sized, since we seem to grow mostly freakishly large thoroughbreds at work these days). She broke her maiden last night at Woodbine. She raced really well and looked strong at the end. She’s the sharp little chestnut who breaks first. She is wearing the green #5 saddle cloth, and the racing silks are sort of red/brown with yellow sleeves.

Parker (Danish Spirit) also raced. He was third, and though obviously not as strong as Ginger, he looked pretty good too. He is the horse with the blue #3 saddle cloth, and the pink and purple racing silks

Misha Won

I’m just in from riding, and all sweaty and grimy. But I’ve had a text message from Misha at the Stormont ride. She won the 50 on one of Bob G’s horses. Bob was second. Elaine (I assume on Chanti), and Lee on Parker were 3rd and 4th, but not sure which was which there.

Misha says that those four horses ran together for most of the fifty. Then with about 4 miles to go, Bob and Misha left the other two and raced the rest of the way. She thought it was around a four and a half hour ride time. She seemed pretty excited even just by text. I imagine she will be flying high for a few days.