Vet Call

Diego is up to his old tricks again. He somehow managed to cut himself on the inside of his right front leg, high up near his chest. It’s not serious, but bad enough that Misha called the vet in to be sure that there was nothing yucky in there.  The vet cleaned it up and gave him a shot of penicillin just in case.

I told him about King’s additional cramping incidents, and the comments from the vets at the ride (who all seem to think selenium is the issue). He was quite interested (and amazed that King is not getting any concentrated feed yet despite all the miles he’s been doing), and would like to see King’s blood test results from the ride. He also wants to do an additional blood test in 6-8 weeks to see where the selenium levels are at after extra supplementation. He has the supplement that one of the vets recommended… Vetre-Sel-E. It’s only available through a vet. You can’t buy it at feed stores. So I’ll go over next week and pick it up.

Brooke is very chuffed with Dressy right now. They were just out in the round pen, practicing cantering on a voice cue. Most of the time it was sort of rough 4-beat. But she did get some moments of proper canter. And they also practiced a few jumps over tires. Dressy looked pretty pleased with herself. And Brooke was gleeful (mind you… Brooke is always gleeful around Dressy).


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