Dressy With the Kids

Dressy is very fond of children. Despite being a big moose sometimes, she becomes very soft and maternal around kids. Shenice, who is Misha’s niece came to watch the competition, and ended up playing with Dressy a lot.

She learned how to do some basic clicker training. Leading the mare around in a circle, then treating her. Dressy was very sweet with her and walked slowly with her head down, leading easily. Far more easily than she ever does when there are no small children or treats involved! And she’s extremely gentle taking treats. Shenice is a very cheerful kid with a very cheerful and rather piercing voice. Didn’t seem to faze Dressy one bit.

Despite being a very bossy mare with other horses, she can also be like this with her herd at home. She is rather merciless with misbehaving subjects, but if any horse is picking on another herd member and goes too far, Dressy steps in and defends the victim. It’s okay if she’s merciless, but not any other horse. I once saw her stop on her way in to dinner to go back and shepherd Chrystal’s youngster, Seneca, through the gate safely when another horse was driving him back. She didn’t even like Seneca particularly, and dinner was waiting (which usually involves Dressy barging through a wildly scattering herd to get to the head of the line). But no one was going to be picking on babies on her watch.

And here she is with Brooke, the junior who is riding her this year. Dressy loves Brooke.

And of course, Brooke loves Dressy. Yesterday she sent me a text wishing Dressy a happy birthday. She saw Dressy’s registration info with her date of birth on it and has memorized it. I imagine Dressy is going to be introduced to carrot cake this weekend.

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